About us

Your Loan Shop is a straightforward way to get your next Personal Loan

  • We provide affordable loans at fair rates of interest to meet everyday needs and even for larger purchases.
  • So, whether you need a school uniform, a computer or a holiday to a larger purchase like a car or some home improvements, from £500 to £20,000, simply click to apply.
  • Your Loan Shop’ is part of Leeds Credit Union. This means our loans are much cheaper than many other loan shops, doorstep lenders and internet lending companies as our interest rates are capped by the government.
  • Why Your Loan Shop? It’s because it’s for you - by having a loan from Your Loan Shop and the credit union you become a member and one of the owners of the credit union; none of your money goes to rich shareholders.
  • Your Loan Shop is our way of making the credit union’s loans more accessible.

There’s more:

  • When you apply for a loan from Your Loan Shop at the same time you will be automatically applying to become a member of the credit union and this also means that if you wish you will be able to use other services from the credit union such as our savings accounts or our ‘Pre-paid Visa Debit Card.
  • Leeds Credit Union is a financial cooperative that provides straightforward, affordable financial services to anyone who lives or works in Leeds and Wakefield and a range of other people.
  • Leeds Credit Union is also a 'mutual' organisation and that means it is owned by its members and all the benefits are for members alone. Leeds City Credit Union is also one of the largest in the UK with some 37,000 members.
  • Credit Unions are popular savings and loans organisations in the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland and elsewhere and more and more people are joining here in the UK too, as they provide a real and ethical alternative to high street banks, other types of money shop and pay day lenders.
  • Your Loan Shop is part of Leeds Credit Union. To view our Regulatory Information and our most recent Privacy Policy, please click here


Your Loan Shop is a straightforward way to get your next Personal Loan

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